An Adventure with Stud – My review – Does it work?


After our experience with Promscent, we became adventurous and wanted to try other desensiting sprays. I’m glad to inform you that we discovered a very popular delay spray; Stud100.

I’ll share every of our romantic experience with Stud100. Promscent was super,  Is and was my first meeting with my experience with Promescent here, Promscent is still a very good product, has revolutionalized me and Joe bedtime stories. We decided to try something different, that was a bit pocket friendly and Stud100 showed up as the perfect match.

Honest Stud100 Review

Stud 100 reduces Male Genital Sensitvity and Helps Overcome Premature Ejaculation. Helps a man to gain control over his ejaculation and increase his confidence in bed. From my perspective I will add increased sex time and allowing the woman to climax.
Over the years of working with couples and counselling them, I have discorvered that the untold causes of problems in marriages is sexual related. If one party doesn’t get enough of sex there comes a numbness towards the other party . Premature ejaculation is one of the common sexual embrassments. I know because my marriage have been there. Stud 100 I must say is just perfect for you.

How it Works

Didn’t watch the video read text below.

The active ingredient in Stud 100 lidocaine acts to numb your penis. This decreases the sensitivity a little bit and the result is that you will be able to not only increase your sexual stamina, but also eliminate premature ejaculation.

You have to apply as many as 3 or more times 5 to 10 minutes before the intercourse, but you should never use more than 10 sprays at a time. The spray is to be applied to the head as well as the shaft of the penis prior to the intercourse. You should also wash the product off after the intercourse. You can determine the correct quantity as well as the time of application based on your individual requirements, but take care to always use the minimum quantity that you find to be effective for you. The Stud 100 spray also works as a lubricant.

What You See in Stud100

It is a topical spray that numbs the penis. Clinical trials have shown that Stud 100 is not only quick-acting, but also safe and effective. In the UK, Stud 100 is a licensed pharmaceutical product. It also meets all of the US FDA requirements. Stud100 doesn’t need any prescription.  It is also meteredand has a child proof seal. Onething with it is the size it can be slipped into the pocket. Its has no odur and it’s non toxic.

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If you are wondering about the leaflet and its languages don’t worry because Stud100 comes in multiple languages.

Active Ingredient Used In Stud 100

The active ingredient present in Stud 100 is lidocaine which is a numbing agent that is used in several over-the-counter topical solutions meant for pain relief. Lidocaine, a medical grade anesthetic, is also used in hospitals. Each spray administers approximately 7 milligram of lidocaine

The drawback of Stud 100, according to many users, is that it took away the pleasure out of intercourse. This is because the product neglects the basic premise. Sex requires sensory experience to enjoy it thoroughly.

What Others Are saying

Majority says “It Definitely Works

This product definitely de-sensitizes you. Joe (my husband) have used Stud 100 and it helped him to last longer. I remember from our first expereince with delay sprays, how I was so numb and couldn’t feel a thing. When we got Stud 100 I ensured Joe had it washed off before the act.

Please before sex, wash off the spray so your partner doesn’t experience numbness

  1. Age and Trust: It has been around the block a long time
  2. Avaliability: It is sold in so many online pharmacies.
  3. Cost: It is pocket friendly. Couple on a budget can afford it.
  4. Packaging: It comes in a well packaged discreet package.
  5.  Use-ability: It is easy to use, instructions are written in so many languages on the leaflet.

How It went Down that Night

From the time we ordered the Stud to the time it arrived, we have barely had sex. Joe and I was excited and anticipating its arrival. The post man dropped it off at Joe’s office, he called and said he got me a gift. That I should guess what, I went on mentioning shoes, bags and all women stuff. He kept it as a surprise till he got home.

After washing up after dinner, I asked him for the present he only went is “for the silent night” well I waited for the silent night and Tarda… He pulled the Spray out.

Wooh! I screamed from excitement as we went into the bedroom. He took the spray and according to directions dropped three sprays.

I helped him rub it in, Then washed off my hands and continued with the foreplay. I was feeling like a new bride about to lose her virginity.

When we were ready for intercourse I had him wash off, and we took the first part in the bathrom taking on the standing position.

The sensation was upmost,  There was this bond of genuine oneness. Joe kept coming at me all night that at a time I wanted to protest and push him off but I kept on.

Stud 100 was a great product, Though some how I think Joe still prefers the promscent. Bottomline is that we are having a great sex now.

As usual, please share your experience with Stud100 and let me know if you think Stud100 is in the sameleague as the Promscent.

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