How to Survive Infidelity


How can I survive my spouse's affair? How did you manage Queen? Multiple questions flooded my inbox after I wrote about my face to face encounter with infedelity in marriage. There are alot of women even men who has passed through this traumatizing incident. Though like me, They have forgiven their

Best 10 Facial Hair Removal Creams for Women – With A Promise


Are you looking for permanent facial hair removal for women?  or you are a black woman looking for facial hair removal cream women ?  What ever it is you are searching for but if  your goal is same as mine then your answer is definitely here. Facial Cream Embarrassing Lot This morning Fisayo, my

He Cheated, I Forgave Him But I am Still Traumatised


Merry Christmas. Around this period years back, I had to o through a traumatizing case of Infidelity in my marriage. Making the festive season to always leaves me feeling down, despite all the merriment. I will still recoil in my shell and cry. The cry I mean is not voluntary, It

Romance Books Reviews – New and Must read

romance books reviews

Writing a romance set at Christmas has its own complications. Readers buy them expecting certain elements. Writers hope to satisfy their need, with a story that captures a small part of what Christmas can mean-- along with two people who find something more. Bad Mommy by Tarryn Fisher was just released!!!!

Would You Wear a Wedding Dress Made of… Toilet Paper?

cheap weding dress

Your wedding day is your time to shine and most brides will agree that their wedding dresses are themost important things on their wedding planning lists. Some brides opt for more traditional styles, some go for what's topping the latest trendy lists, and others find their perfect gown somewhere in the

Fifty Shades of Grey


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Fifty Shades of Grey Book I of the Fifty Shades Trilogy Apart from writing, my next favorite is reading. I read fifty shades of Grey, and it just confirmed what I preach to ladies,  about the estimation of affection inside of a relationship. Excerpts from the Book When literature student

An Adventure with Stud – My review – Does it work?


After our experience with Promscent, we became adventurous and wanted to try other desensiting sprays. I'm glad to inform you that we discovered a very popular delay spray; Stud100. I’ll share every of our romantic experience with Stud100. Promscent was super,  Is and was my first meeting with my experience with

Air Force Personnel Shoots Female Colleague Dead Over Infidelity


A Nigerian Air Force personnel serving at the Makurdi Base, Aircraft Man ACM (names withheld), in the early hours of yesterday, allegedly shot dead a colleague and supposed girlfriend, an Aircraft Woman, ACW (names withheld), for allegedly having an affair with a man at the Base. Vanguard gathered from an eyewitness

Potent Erection after Prostate Cancer


Potent above refers specifically to sexual potency, which is the ability produce and maintain erections satisfactory for sexual intercourse. All prostate cancer treatments affect potency. Prostate cancer treatments will either alter the way the blood flows into the penis, or will damage the nerves that stimulate erectile function. Not much of a

Is Nora The Original Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator? – My Point


Over the years Lovense has become a house hold name. The Nora the Original Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator which is one of their best performing toys has been making waves in the love world. So i decided to try it out and I'm sharing my experience no bias. Nora Designed Simply to pleasure your G-spot! What

Yoga Sex Positions For a Perfect Body


Yoga is acceptably the only mind exercise that takes hold of the inner man. Almost all yoga positions have inspired sex positions for couples who wants to try out different satisfying positions. and this includes the one Cat/Cow pose. Cat-Cow is a gentle flow between two poses that warms the body and

Our First Experience with Promescent


(If you are looking for where to buy Promescent online then click on this link, otherwise just carry on reading, I hope you find it interesting)   So it was getting near Valentine’s Day and I was in a no-sex rut because, there is not going to be that moment for me

how to last longer in the bed- (Video)

how-to-last-longer-in -the-bed

If you follow this simple steps your man will last longer in the bed whenever you guys have sex. For sex to be satisfying for both parties, it has to last long enough for them both to climax. Ironically, this isn’t always the case. While men take five minutes to orgasm, women take

How to Clean Viginal – For Oral Sex


Oral sex is usually fun, and is ok to feel a little uneasy when your husband wants to take a trip there for some pleasures. You become concious of how it smells like? or what it tastes like?  Some women have never had oral sex because the hold themselves back to tight


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