Is your partner financially faithful? Why cheating isn’t only sexual


Yoga pose are all erotica. In this post I have listed 10 yoga induced sex positions. These are the best sex position ever that will deliver unlimited pleasure to you and your partner.

Yoga is one of the best mind-body experiences you can give yourself. Get Training Here

Watch the Video to see how to take on various positions.


You might start out doing this pose to clear the clutter in your head and restore a sense of calm to achieve a mind and body balance.



Steps to Take this Pose

  1. lie comfortably on your back in a supine position with your legs extended straight down
  2. Begin to extend your right leg as straight as you comfortably can, usingg his shoulder as support will do the trick.  Let your right heel up strecth toward the ceiling. Your buttocks and hips will have a tendency to lift, but let him come right in and his weight will help you maintain the natural curve of your low back.
  3. Then Relax and enjoy the position as you both climax.



Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose offers a stretch to the hips, thighs, hamstrings, and calves, and strengthens the muscles around the knees. The pose also allows for deep penetration and perfect for couples just trying out yoga sex positions.



The shower setting loudly screams this pose style by default. You can have the shower running while your partner rubs your back with soapy sponge and holds your waist with the other hand. His waist then do the rhythm.



How can this impressive pose be integrated into your sex life? Taking this position is usually uncomfortable and awkward. But if you can hang in there and his riding doesn’t make you lose balance then is welcome to the most flexible hip in town. Some guys have confided in me that in these posture they are tempted to lift the woman against a wall and thrust away.




As the name sounds it shows all fun and innocence. If you plan to make a big demand from him after the show then I advise you wait for him on the bed with this pose.  In all your nude state, spread out as the eagle on your backs and grab your feet wide open. Relax and let him take you. If you are self concious you can use a restraint to keep yourself in that position until he’s ready for a change. yyoga-induced-sex-positions


Sounds adorable, right? Well, this seemingly innocent pose could make a G-spot-stimulating stretch that we would do over and over again. You game?




  • Less tension in your back and neck.
  • Strengthens and opens up the neck, shoulders, abs and back muscles.
  • Calms the nervous system, reduces stress and fatigue.
  • Tones the legs and improves leg flexibility.
  • Stimulates the thyroid gland and strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps women during menopause.



Vinyasa” in the name means “arranging something in a special way or doing a sequence of things”. You can take ideas here.

You’re on your back, your legs are butterflied open, Let him hold down your wrists and allow yourself to be a little vulnerable. This is perfect for first timers and newly taken brides. It gives the man control and pleasure without the sex time interrupted by the girls whines. If you practise this pose always then childbearing will be walkover.



In Thunderbolt Pose, also called VAJ-rasana (heh), the guy takes the pose. He folds his legs under him and sits back on his feet while you  ride your stallion. Somewhere in there, climb off and give him the primal male pleasure that is breast sex (lube your boobs, squeeze them around his penis and rub them up and down the shaft and around the head.)

 This Position also makes clear and enligghtens the human spirit for deeper connection. When you are at it that problem you have not had solution to focus on it and the vision will be so clear.

As always I am glad you are reading my blog. My major aim is to see marriages strengthened and Erection disorder kicked in the butt.

Have this article been helpful to you? Has it changed or improved your sex relationship with your hobby (wifey)? Please share in the comment box how you achieved these positions. Or send me a direct message here.

I will be sincerely glad to read your testimonies.

To make effective use of these positions, Take one style at a time, perfect it then try another one.

To your Pleasure Queen. Always use the share buttons whenever you come around here.

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I write about Men's health, Relationships etc. Love is the greatest thing in all the world. Sex an expression of love and exposure to the inner realm of the human spirit. honorable in marriages and destructive when done outside wedlock. A big reason I want to write about Men's health is because we have gone through a rough time as couples. We couldn't find any advice online and friends and counselors kept the talk out of the prep.

3 thoughts on “Is your partner financially faithful? Why cheating isn’t only sexual

  1. I’ve done a lot of yoga but never thought to integrate it into my sex life. Of course some of the poses you might just do naturally without thinking they are “yoga poses” but some of the other ones you would never really think about doing. I’ll have to try them out. Great article.

    1. Thank you Erin, I am so glad you dropped by. You should try out this positions. They pleasures and also pleasure you and your partner. I have hand picked some Yoga sex positions with their benefit to physical fitness check it out here

      Once again I’m glad you came by.

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