Potent Erection after Prostate Cancer


Potent above refers specifically to sexual potency, which is the ability produce and maintain erections satisfactory for sexual intercourse. All prostate cancer treatments affect potency. Prostate cancer treatments will either alter the way the blood flows into the penis, or will damage the nerves that stimulate erectile function. Not much of a

Citrus and Erectile Dysfunction Causes


Erectile dysfunction causes has been linked to unhealthy eating habit. Citrus fruits contains vitamin C and when combined with garlic they provide significant reductions in blood pressure, as well as increase in artery - releasing nitric oxide. Citrus fruits are also a rich source of bioflavonoid quercetin which has been associated

Eat Ginseng; to get strong erection


Using modern-day pharmaceutical erectile dysfunction supplements only mask the problem but if you want to get strong erection, it is advised to go naturally and fix the problem from the root. Though the pills can get your battle sword up to conquer the territory but what happens when it is not

How to Get Strong Erections by Eating Garlic


Erectile Problems are on the increase among men, these can be attributed to unhealthy diet.  If you are seeking ways on how to get strong erections naturally, then this might be the long awaited solution. Natural erection foods can alleviate erectile problems, but the honest truth is it won't fix the underlying


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