How To Know if Your Spouse is Cheating


If you’ve ever been cheated on, you know that discovering a partner’s affair hits harder than a punch to the abdomen. It doesn’t matter how sure you were about the suspected infidelity — nothing can prepare you for the initial shock of finding proof of an affair. That feeling may be universal,

Infidelity What To Do And Not Do


Learning about a spouse or partner’s sexual infidelity, is difficult to deal with. It comes with a lot of issues. Most especially the hiatus in love.  If you are the hurting party, you can be left dazed, betrayed, unworthy. The trauma affects every area of your life. Irrespective of what

How to Survive Infidelity


How can I survive my spouse's affair? How did you manage Queen? Multiple questions flooded my inbox after I wrote about my face to face encounter with infedelity in marriage. There are alot of women even men who has passed through this traumatizing incident. Though like me, They have forgiven their

He Cheated, I Forgave Him But I am Still Traumatised


Merry Christmas. Around this period years back, I had to o through a traumatizing case of Infidelity in my marriage. Making the festive season to always leaves me feeling down, despite all the merriment. I will still recoil in my shell and cry. The cry I mean is not voluntary, It


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