Does Vaginal Cream Work – My Experience with V- Tightening Cream?


Here is my personal experience and review of the Aishun Beauty vagina tightening cream. Since starting my blog, I have met with a lot of great minds. I have tried alot of products and met alot of wonderful people because my readers has become my friends and confidants.

As odd as this might sound, I never knew there was a Vagina tightening cream that exists. I was called up by Michelle, she said “Queen, I trust for the best advise, Which V-tight cream should I buy? Umh! I answered does that exist? I asked… she felt I was joking but seriously before her call I never heard of viginal tightening cream.vagina-tightening-cream

My first thought was, if there was then it will be packed with chemicals that will do more harm than good. And because of my religious and cultural background I felt dirty thinking about it self.

But as my costume is “search, find, Prove” I did just that. I don’t mean to dampen women years of experience, or call the age invested in child bearing of no value. But after child bearing we all (90% women) want to get back or very close to our pre pregnancy body shape.

I was not sure if I am in the class of ladies who need a V-tight cream,  thought of it wondering if I should ask my husband but that thought felt awkward, In my heart I still feel like a “Sweet sixteen”. I took it to my friend Sandra who is a nurse she said  asked her opinion on the matter, her response was the Viganal elasticity does not affect intercourse excitement, but a tight vagina is every man’s desire in sex. Waoh!    Then she went further to describe how the vagina walls collapse due to child bearing.  That the V- Creams will help build the elasticity back while also increasing libido and sexual satisfaction.

Watch the Video for Full details and side Effects of Vaginal Tightening Cream

Knowing that I just have to use the V-tight Cream, the next challenge was how to get a good one that was all Natural based. I went to the market place looking for tighten stretched vagina, “how to tighten your vagina” or “how to shrink you vaginal walls” with these I found a couple. At last I settled with the Aishun Beauty Vagina Tightening cream.

 Does Vaginal Tight Gels Actually Work?

After buying my first tube, and started using it, I was dazed Wooh! this feels so good how come I never did hear about it? I wondered. Then I bought a dozen and distributed it to my girl friends. See what dazed me below.

I used the Aishun Beauty Vaginal tightening cream with some different kinds of exercises can help you whip your vagina back into shape.


What Loosen Vaginal Wall – Vaginal Mechanics

First, let me clear up some misconceptions that many people have regarding the looseness or tightness of the vagina.(including me before)

  • During Sex the vaginal walls relaxes to accommodate the erect penis or sex toy, but contracts back after intercourse.
  • You don’t lose tightness after the first time you have sex. The only lose thing is the hymen. so bedding a virgin does not determine tight pussy.
  • Having a lot of sex does not cause the vagina to loosen. There’s a saying that states “if her vagina is loose, then so is she”. This is not true; it is not medically accurate. It is simply a way of shaming sexually active women by treating them as if they are damaged goods.
  • Childbirth does not automatically and permanently “wreck” a vagina.
  • Vagina walls weakens in older women, and in women who gave birth to children in very quick successions

Second, we have to realize that each body is different. Some people are short, some tall, some slender, some curvy, and some have larger or smaller vaginas than others

Now that that is out of the way, let’s discuss how the vagina actually works.

Humor me: take your fingers and pull the corners of your mouth out towards your ear, and up like a child does when they want to make a funny face.

Now let it go. Repeat this several times. What happened?

Did you permanently end up with a giant, stretched-out mouth or did it go back to its original shape?

It sprung back, right?

Well, the vagina acts in much the same way because tissue is extremely elastic, contracting and relaxing depending on the situation. Unless you are sexually aroused, giving birth, or are relaxed and inserting something (like a tampon or a penis), your vaginal muscles are folded together, much in the same way a Slinky or an accordion is when no one is playing with them.

Back to My Experience with the Aishun Beauty Vaginal Cream

I used the creams at nights, on my second day of using the cream I decided to test things out. As my custome is I pulled out my “Best costume” worn it. And was ready spring on some actions feeling all so confident like a little girl.

What I noticed, is the feeling of tightness I noticed after using it. I liked the quick action. I could really feel the difference.  And it was moments away from having sex with Joe.

More reason I love it

  • The Vaginal cream is based on natural ingredients (arginine, hazel leaf, and manjakani) to firm up those muscles and make you tighter.
  • Is an on-the-spot vaginal tightener.
  • The results have lasting effects if used well in combination of exercises

What is the Side Effects?

It has no side effects. No chemical have been used in the production. It is all herbal based. These herbs are made into herbal creams which when applied to the vagina makes it tighter by up to 40%. Uses of Vagina Tightening Creams These herbal vagina tightening creams are applied into three fourths of the vagina and its surrounding areas. They are completely made from natural ingredients and there is no harm even if it goes inside the vagina. Also they are condom safe and their regular usage helps in permanent tightening of the vagina as well as it gets rid of vaginal odor and act as a natural lubricant.

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Where Can You Buy the Aishun Beauty?

If you are in Nigeria you can buy the V-cream here or fill the form then I will contact you on your order.

If not in Nigeria I recommend you Buy from Amazon here

There alot of benefits associated with Vaginal tightening, In a later post I will write about it. And the different exercise to do in order to achieve a naturally tight vagina.

What do you think about Vagina tightening? are you for or against it? Share your thoughts with me.

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Love you Queen!

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