Eating Vaginal Discharge During Intercouse Health Benefits

eating vaginal discharge

Performing oral sex on a woman can be extremely pleasurable for her, and satisfying for you to watch. But it is not dangerous or bad for health if you lick or swallow the fluid from her vagina.eating-vagina-discharge

The fluid that is present in her vagina when you are performing oral sex is naturally produced by a gland in her vagina to help lubricate it — making it easier for penetration. It is also a sign that she is aroused.

Usually a little alkaline in taste, this fluid normally does have an odour but not a foul one. Largely it is safe to  ingest and does not have any ill effects on your health. You could also give your girlfriend some tips on how to clean herself before oral sex.

The Vaginal

The woman’s Vagina contains a type of “good bacteria” known as the probiotics. This probiotics are also gotten from supplements or yoghurts. The vaginal contains lactobacillus, a bacteria that grows to regulate vaginal pH.
The vagina has a healthy PH level of 4.5, the Lactobacilli produce lactic acid, to help keep this PH level.

Health Benefits of Eating Vagina

Hi dear, I must tell you the next time you are considering going down on your woman, bear in mind that her body is designed for your full benefit. As you pleasure yourself eating her pussy you are relieved from some typical healthy defects such as:

  • Prevention of Heart Disease and Cancer

Researchers have discovered that eating a girl’s private organ could save you from fatal diseases such as cancer and heart disease. According to the research that was made in the State University of New York, the most important meal that a man should take is eating a vagina.

First, you should know that the medical experts say that the hormones such as the DHEA Hormones and Oxytocin are being produced during oral sex. These hormones are capable of preventing cancer to an individual.

  • Aids Digestion

Eating Probiotics present in the vagina aids in digestion, allowing good microorganisms to balance out your gastrointestinal system, according to Medical Daily.

  • Mood Eleviation

Eating probiotics can also boost your mood and help alleviate depression, according to Medical Daily. This is getting interesting, isn’t it?

  • Improved Mental And Physical Healthy

The female orgasm also benefits your mental and physical health. An orgasm releases oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins, which can even alleviate pain — if you come back feeling much pain don’t ask for a massage, Ask for a pussy.

What does Vagina Fluid Taste Like?

The vagina is alkaline in taste, it has a unique odur, but surely not a fowl one. With all the above benefits it is important, to remember that the vagina is safe for eating and does not have any ill effects on your health. You could also give your girlfriend some tips on how to clean herself before oral sex.

Does That Make Oral Sex Healthy?

Oral sex cannot be deemed safe sex and you are likely to contract an STD (sexually transmitted disease) through oral sex. While performing oral sex on a woman is considered a low-risk way to contract an STD, you can catch it if you have sores in your mouth. In this case you can use some protection to protect yourself from the infection — like using a dental dam. So, if you know that the girl you are performing oral sex on does not have an STD, it is safe to go ahead and give her all the pleasure in the world.

Disclaimer : Sex is designed and should only be between married couples for ultimate pleasure.

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I write about Men's health, Relationships etc. Love is the greatest thing in all the world. Sex an expression of love and exposure to the inner realm of the human spirit. honorable in marriages and destructive when done outside wedlock. A big reason I want to write about Men's health is because we have gone through a rough time as couples. We couldn't find any advice online and friends and counselors kept the talk out of the prep.

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  1. My wife said they hurt her when they given her a cather in the Hospital and I couldn’t put my penis in her anymore would I eat her pussy instead. At first I didn’t like it but then after awhile I love eating her pussy. She pass away a year ago. I miss eating pussy ? What can I do ?? I need help

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