Citrus and Erectile Dysfunction Causes


Erectile dysfunction causes has been linked to unhealthy eating habit. Citrus fruits contains vitamin C and when combined with garlic they provide significant reductions in blood pressure, as well as increase in artery – releasing nitric oxide.

Citrus fruits are also a rich source of bioflavonoid quercetin which has been associated with reduced risk of erectile

Biochemicals found in berries, citrus fruit and red wine might help men maintain healthy erections, a new nutrition study suggests.

Foods rich in these flavonoids are , researchers reported Jan. 13 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


Citrus Fruits and Erectile Dysfunction Causes

The absence of citrus fruit in a man diet can be one of erectile dysfunction causes, A study of 805 Finnish men aged between 65-84 years old actually showed that those men with the highest intake of flavonoids (including quercetin) were found to have a 68% smaller chance of dying from coronary heart disease (remember, a healthy vascular system is key for healthy erectile function).

When I had this problem ED, in my home one of the advises we got was to use home remedies erectile dysfunction cures first. So we both gradually introduced healthy meals to our meals with just one focus to get the erection up.


A study carried out in the US noted 14% reduction in erectile dysfunction among men with a high fruit intake, the number rose to 21% with exercise + fruit consumption.

If you want to eliminate one erectile dysfunction causes then start with foods rich in flavonoid such as wine and berries it has been proven to work at a higher rate in younger men, especially those who were still on the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Should incase you will prefer a more potent approach for advanced erectile dysfunction, then another home remedy for erectile dysfunction I will recommend is Ginseng.

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