Forever Bee Pollen – does it work?


Bee pollen is a product of the bees.
Bees collect pollen from flowers.
This pollen they carry flying in the form of spheres.
Subsequently, the beads are stored in the honeycomb.
Then there can become honey from a beekeeper but may choose to collect the pollen pellets for sale.
This is called bee pollen.forever-bee-pollen-health-effects
Bee pollen is becoming more commonly available.
Forever Living Products has a product Bee Pollen in Men’s Health Department.

How the Name Bee Pollen Came About

The Latin name of bee pollen is Brassica campestris. It is also known as pollen grains. Pollen or pollen is the product bees collect from flowers, hence the name.

Ingredients bee pollen

Vegans eat no bee products so they unfortunately have to miss what is in all plant material. What healthy phytonutrients regard bee pollen is a true champion. It is even called superfood. Vegetarians eat unlike vegans or animal products and can rejoice in the fact that bee pollen vitamin B12 contains a vitamin found only in eggs , biodynamic raw milk. Furthermore there are the following vitamins in bee pollen: vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B8, B11, C, D, E and K. Bee pollen also contains: calcium , phosphorus , potassium , sulfur, silicon, molybdenum, zinc , magnesium , iron , manganese , copper and iodine . There is an important flavonoid , namely genistein.

Allergic to bee pollen

Some people are allergic to bee pollen. It is important to recognize a wrong response of your body to bee pollen. Most people who are allergic to bee pollen, have other allergies. In an exceptional case, it may occur that a person is only allergic to bee pollen. Incidentally, this is not something to be scared of. A much more serious allergy, milk allergy. A gran intolerance can be very serious and difficult as avoiding grains is much harder than bee pollen.

Pollen and hay fever

Pollen is good for allergies and therefore good for hay fever. It seems a bit contradictory to combat an allergy to pollen with pollen, but it is not. In this case, you eat the pollen and they do not come into your nose. Furthermore, make use of the antioxidants that your immune system is strengthened. What some people recommend is four weeks before the hay fever season begins to strengthen your immune system by eating bee pollen. Then keep your intake of this product throughout the hay fever season.

Products of bees

In a study that scientists carried out, it revealed the antioxidant effect of bee products to the conclusion that propolis is the healthiest bees product. Then came bee pollen and then honey . Bee Pollen contains many antioxidants and may free radicals off the kinds of lifestyle diseases can cause. The benefit of bee pollen or pollen grains is that they are much cheaper than propolis.

Health Benefits of Forever Bee Pollen

  1. Good for Allergy
    Bee pollen helps to reduce allergic symptoms. Genistein is tested for allergic reactions in a scientific study in 2009. The researchers thought that it was this substance allergic reactions in their research objects, mice, decreased. One isolated genistein and carried it in mice. Still, the researchers believe that it is not just genistein. One suspects that there is another element than genistein which is responsible for allergy-reducing effect.
  2. Bee pollen helps restore athletes
    In one study, they wanted to get evidence if sport performance goes up by eating bee pollen. That turned out not to be so, but one could see that the athletes who took bee pollen missed much less training days. This is logical because professional sport requires a lot of body and there are many free radicals as the body is heavily taxed. These free radicals can lead to diseases. Bee pollen takes the lead in the reduction of free radicals present  in the body and thus reduces the risk of diseases. It is activates the regenerative capacity of the body. This allows athletes also have less muscle soreness.
  3. Bee Pollen and Prostate Cancer
    Studies held in China in 2007, found that bee pollen helps prevent prostate cancer. In traditional Chinese medicine bee pollen is used in treatment of various forms of cancer . These effects have not been studied. However, since cancer is partly caused by free radicals, you can assume that antioxidants can prevent cancer.  In 1990, there was a British study which found that bee pollen can help an enlarged prostate to go.
  4. Good for the intestines
    Pollen grains are good for congestion, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease and various infections. It is not yet confirmed by scientific research for the simple reason that this study has not yet been made or announced. Well you can see that in all cases, anti-inflammatory antioxidants work, so that will also work for bee pollen. Moreover, this is just like honey an antibiotic . That means contends with the pathogenic bacteria. Chances are therefore very likely that the healing power of bee pollen for disorders have in the foreseeable future scientific evidence.

Where to Get Bee Pollen

You can order from here if you are in Nigeria or get from Amazon if outside Nigeria


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