How to Clean Viginal – For Oral Sex


Oral sex is usually fun, and is ok to feel a little uneasy when your husband wants to take a trip there for some pleasures. You become concious of how it smells like? or what it tastes like? how-to-care-for-viginal

Some women have never had oral sex because the hold themselves back to tight to allow a man to eat their pussy. If you are in this category please stop lossen yourself because their are alot of benefits for the man who eats pussy  also get this book  on how to give your woman the best times in bed

caring for your viginal before oral sex

Take a shower:

Washing up is one of the best ways to clean yourself up before the act. Showering just before the act is a great way to ensure that you are clean down there. What’s more, you can use this pre-sex shower as a precursor to a great time in the sack. Step into the shower with your partner and let things start to heat up. If it does so happen that you end up having sex in the shower itself.

Shave the Hair:

Another key to staying clean and odour free is to trim, shave or epilate the hair down there. This is because your hair shaft tends to hold on to excrement or vaginal fluids, allowing the build up of harmful organisms that can lead to a foul odour. Apart from that when your man goes down on you, having a mouth full of hair may not be the best sensation

How to Clean the Viginal Properly

Your vulva or outer genital lips: This is the outermost region of your genitals and covers your clitoris, urethral opening (where you pee from) and vaginal opening. Due to its structure there is a possibility that sweat and other secretions get trapped in its folds. When you wash, use some water and mild soap to clean out this area.

Labia minora or smaller inner lips: This area very sensitive and tender, making it susceptible to tearing. It is adviced you clean with your hands and some warm water gently.

Your  vagina: The vagina is a self-cleaning organ and usually does not have a foul odour. So using harsh soaps, douching or trying any other method of cleaning it will only serve to ruin the natural balance of the organ. While a healthy vagina has no foul odour, in some cases yellowish discharge or a foul smell can be an indication of an infection. That being said, if you simply must clean your vagina using some water and your hands is more than enough. You can use a gentle, non-scented soap too if you please.

What you should never do

Don’t wipe yourself with wet wipes: As they contain alcohol and can hurt the tender skin down there. Apart from that the residue they leave behind also tastes foul so it will not be any fun for your man.

Don’t be too harsh or douch: Douching is a very harmful practice and can harm the pH of your vagina and lead to infections. Also when you are cleaning be gentle to avoid hurting yourself.

Be careful when you shave, trim or epilate:  The skin down there is extremely sensitive and any nicks and cuts can result in nasty infections. So be careful when you shave. If you are trimming the area, make sure you are careful to hold the excess skin down as you go about the process as it can get caught in the trimmer. If you are planning to epilate the area by waxing the hair off, go to a professional who knows what she is doing and make sure the area is sanitary

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