How to Last Longer in the bed During Intercourse – By Exercise


Do you wish to know how to last longer in the bed during intercourse then see easy things you can do in the GYM to improve lengthen your Sack moments.

The Sex Scenario

It is your anniversary, you have gone for a romantic date, and you have seen the best romantic movie with ice cream and popcorn and you give her your Anniversary gift before you guys retreat to your bedroom for the grand finale of the most romantic annivasary day and you pout just as your woman was still getting set for the action. That has happened to you? Ya I know don’t feel bad just read on the fix is here.

What the Man wants in Sex

Every guy has the intention of having a long-lasting romp session, but sometimes the erection is not potent enough or simply no stamina to continue. The good news is that there are work outs i things you can do in the gym—fully clothed of course—that can help. “The ‘Last Longer’ workout will push your heart rate to the max to build endurance while adding in key strength and movement components necessary for peak performance.

What the Girl Wants

Every girl’s list of the qualities they desire in a man always includes,

  • Confidence is always at the top.

I know you have heard that too, the girls wants all the six packs and nothing less. Improving your physique will help you feel better about yourself and project the kind of self-assuredness that attracts women, but not just any weight workout will get you there. As a woman and a trainer, I’ve got the insight to tell you how to build a body that will excite and please girls. Best of all, you’ll see results after just a four-week investment.


The sex Endurance work out plan is broken down into three parts:

  • Endurance
  • Strength-endurance
  • Power

Work Out Directions


Perform each workout (Day 1, 2, and 3) once per week, resting a day between each session.

Time Needed:

45–60 min

How to Do It:

Rest only as long as needed between sets.

The endurance component pairs sprints with agility and core work to get your heart pumping and core engaged. The Sprint Exercise helps you build your legs and abs, burn fat and more. … The specific body parts that sprinting targets are the butt, hips, hamstrings, quads, calves and abs.

Sprinting is great for fat loss and it increases your metabolic rate for several days. High intensity sprinting will burn calories long after your workout is complete. It is an exercise that can be done by men or women. In fact, many fitness and figure competitors incorporate sprinting in their training because of how positive the results are in building a lean long lengthening muscle.

Sprinting is arguably the best way to firm your legs and butt without incorporating resistance training.

Steps To GYM Sprinting

  • Jog for 2–4 minutes as a warm-up.
  • Do 20 minutes Dynamic stretch
  • Sprint for about 200m. If you’re not sprinting on a track and have no way of measuring the distance exactly, try counting your steps, aiming for between 120 and 130. This won’t give you exactly 200m/30 seconds, but it will put you reasonably close
  • Rest between sprints so that your body can recover and you can sprint at the same speed multiple times.

Once you’re warmed and revved, you’ll kick into strength mode.

Doing the Strength Mode

First, you’ll go as fast as possible, cranking out as many reps as you can in a row. This tempo provides constant tension in your pecs, maximizing muscle growth.  Do as many push up as you can.

Remember: Routine is the enemy.

Switching up your workout is essential to building endurance and stamina. According to Torres, the human body gets used to a workout after two weeks. So if you’re always running, start doing Muay Thai instead. Or if you’re an avid cyclist, change it up by running stairs. “You need to move the muscles in a different way so that you don’t develop overuse. Plus, it becomes more motivating,” he says. “It’s important to keep the mind guessing.”

Load up the bar and stay strong as you move continuously through all three rounds of the strength circuit, pushing your strength-endurance to the max.

Power moves.

The final component combines elements of both to really build your power. “Every rep should have a force behind it, “Forget how tired you are and push every rep!”

Adding this routine to your regimen 2-3 times a week (max to give yourself ample recovery time) will directly translate to your lasting longer in the bed. The added strength may even help you master some hot new sex positions.

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I write about Men's health, Relationships etc. Love is the greatest thing in all the world. Sex an expression of love and exposure to the inner realm of the human spirit. honorable in marriages and destructive when done outside wedlock. A big reason I want to write about Men's health is because we have gone through a rough time as couples. We couldn't find any advice online and friends and counselors kept the talk out of the prep.

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