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Dear Friend,

Do you last any where less than 2 minutes in bed? Do you want to have sex but your penis refuses to get up? Have your girl friend cheated on you and you know is because you can not satisfy her in bed? You have never made your woman cum?. Then this is for you. You willdiscover what I gave my 78 years uncle that gave him his first ever hard erection.

My name is Micheal Obioma, and ED nearly destroyed my life. I’ll tell you about my embarrassing (and rather shocking) story in just a moment…

But first, if you’re suffering from premature ejaculation or small penis, trust me…  

You’re not alone and I totally know how you feel.

The good news is that on this page, I’m going to share with you an unusual and ancient secret method that not only cured my ED…

But now gives me bulging, pulsating “Superman- style erections” that make my wife the most satisfied woman on earth.

Your age doesn’t matter. Men from 21 to 88 have raved about the effectiveness of this method…

We also know for a fact that this secret works especially well for men who are 30, 40, 50 or even 60, from the thousands of testimonials we’ve received.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve suffered from ED for years, or whether you’ve recently begun to “go soft” (or can’t get it up at all)… 

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried pills, pumps or other ED treatments like that, because this isn’t about that…

Because what I’m about to give you is not a “treatment.”

It’s not a temporary fix, that helps ease the symptoms...

What You’re About To Discover Is A Breakthrough Solution That Addresses Premature Ejaculation At Its Core....

Keep reading and I’ll give you a way to permanently eliminate ED and reverse it back to your teenage years, so that you go from “limp noodle” to “Man Of Steel.” 

Imagine the confidence surging through your veins as you instantly achieve thick, hard, throbbing erections that your wife will gaze upon with wide-eyed wonder...

And you’ll be able to achieve this on command!

Now, at last, this secret method is available to regular guys like you and me.

Imagine the sexual freedom you’ll have when you can instantly command a rock-hard, pulsating erection to appear.

And not just any erection…one that is even more potent than the ones you sported as a teenager.

But unlike your adolescent erections…



  • If you enjoy the risk of taking weird, dangerous penis concuction, this is NOT for you.
  • If you think you can ‘pump’ or ‘extend’ your way to a bigger penis… this is not for you.
  • And, if you’re not prepared to follow the blueprint exactly to the letter to grow your penis naturally, this is not for you.

Who is This For? ...

  • If you want to be in complete command of your manhood
  • If you want to summon an erection, at will
  • If you are ready to make your wife explode with pleasure and scream your name to the heavens…
  • Because YOU (and only you) satisfy her like other man possibly could.

    And you’ll do without delay creams

    Without pumps…

    And without painful injections or risky surgery.

    The first thing you need to know is that this presentation has helped thousands of men plus me, have women at their beck and call.

Imagine Once Again Having The Instant, Rock-Hard Erections Of Your Youth…

 Remember how your penis used to be always “be up” for anything? 

 When I was a kid, getting TOO MANY erections was the problem!

 I’m sure you can relate…waking up every morning of grade school with a stiffy you could pound nails with.

 I’d have to rub one out in the shower before I got dressed and caught the bus to school…

 Then throughout the day, my penis would seem to have a life of its own and just stand up at the most inconvenient times...

 Back then, it was the most embarrassing thing ever and I wished it’d stop…


But fast-forward to me today, in my mid-forties, and I’d give anything to have erections like that again!


I was married to the love of my life, Mirabel. We’d always enjoyed the kind of sex life that made other couples jealous.  


But then…over time, it started becoming more difficult for me to get an erection. And when I did get it hard, it just wasn’t as firm as it used to be.


I thought it was due to the stress at my job, or maybe my unhealthy diet…but then, on my 39th birthday, I realized my ED was becoming a serious problem.

That Night, My Wife Wanted To Give Me A Birthday To Remember...


There she was on the bed in front me, showing all the signs…BEGGING me climb on top of her and RAVAGE her…

And there I was, frantically tugging on my shriveled-up manhood, hoping and praying it would show some sign of life…

But it was as limp as a wet noodle!

Tying to have sex, in my sorry condition, would be like shooting pool with a piece of rope.  We tried everything to get my little soldier to stand up and salute. But for some reason the more she tried, the limper it got…

Until finally, after almost one hour, she sighed and rolled over to get dressed.

And as my wife walked to the bathroom, she glanced back over her shoulder and gave me a look I’ll never forget...

A look of pity…and disgust.

But as repulsed as she was with me…her husband of 10 years, who couldn’t even get it up for her anymore…

I Was A Thousand Times More Ashamed With MYSELF.


This didn’t happen EVERY time we tried to do it. But it was happening enough to make me start avoiding sex.

Mirabel and I would be lying in bed together, and I could tell she was in the mood to “fool around…”

So I’d pretend to yawn, and say something about how tired I was from work…any excuse I could think of to avoid giving another pathetic performance.

One time I actually told my wife I couldn’t do it because I had a headache. That’s the classic excuse women are supposed to give their husbands, right?

And here I was, telling it to my wife… how much lower can a guy get?  

While my wife slept, I would go on Google and research my problem. I wasn’t really familiar with the term “ED” until I started learning about it.

Did You Know 89% Of Men Over The Age Of 40 Suffer From At Least One Form Of ED?

If you can’t maintain a firm erection, you’ve got quick ejaculation.

If you ejaculate prematurely, that’s also quick ejaculation.

If you have to watch pornography in order to get aroused, that’s a very common type of ED.

And quick ejaculation affects men of all ages…

You might have had premature ejaculation issues in your younger years, and now, your erections are losing strength.

Both problems are ED-related.

To put it simply, without going into complicated medical language, a normal erection develops when the blood vessels in your penis become flooded with blood from other parts of your body.

When you have ED, it basically means that you can’t get enough blood down to your penis to make it expand for an erection.

Now, this doesn’t sound THAT hard to fix…

But there is so much money being made by the pharmaceutical giants, with their pills and injections and other so-called ED treatments…that they don’t want to provide a permanent cure.

I paid a visit to my doctor friend to ask him for help, I narated my ordeal to him.

My friend showed me a secret.

he explained that the male virility secret that has been passed down from ancient times.

Two days into the treatment I started getting that rock-hard firmness that I remember having as a younger man. 

And Mirabel was more than happy to let me “test out” my latest ideas. 

The massive, throbbing super-erection I was gazing down at was 100% all-natural.

I called Mirabel and told her to meet me back at the house. NOW!

For The Next 24 Hours, It Was Like The Sexual Olympics In Our Bedroom...

Round after round, in every position we could think of…including positions I don’t even think had been invented…


It was raw, animal lust. I’d never seen my wife so turned on!

She craved me inside of her, begging for more, wanting it deeper, harder, faster… And I delivered like a champ…

Unleashing all of the frustrations and shame I’d felt during my ED days…

PROVING to myself and to my wife, over and over, that my manhood wasn’t only back…

I was a better, stronger, more potent man and more powerful lover than ever before! 

That was more than a year ago. Since then, I haven’t seen any sign of Premature Ejaculation coming back. Actually, my erections and stamina only seem to be getting better!

Now I Get Thick, Pulsating, Maximum-Strength Erections Like I Haven’t Had Since I Was A Teenager...

So What Is This Insanely Powerful Sexual Secret?

IThis 100% Tested and Trusted Natural Solution known as Forever Bee Pollen Works wonder than you Expect to cure Premature ejaculation, weak erection, Improve low sperm quality and Penis Enlargement Without Side Effect.

  • This NAFDAC Approved Supplement specially produced for men with premature ejaculation problem.
  • Bee Pollen has been having lots of wave amongst our well satisfied customer which actually worked great for me most especially when it comes to premature ejaculation.
  • Bee Pollen is formulated with a proprietary blend of botanicals including saw palmetto, pygeum and pumpkin seed. Each of these botanicals has been used for centuries to cure Premature Ejaculation among men.

Easy To Use, No Painful Surgery

Whether you are 20 or above 70, you can benefit from the herbs, vitamins, and minerals found in Ginkgo plus for Men which were selected to support optimal male health (including prostate health), provide superior antioxidant protection, and arm you with nutrients to achieve all your sexual fantasies 

"Trust me, I Learned The Hard Way, And I Almost Paid The Ultimate Price… but thank God for Bee Pollen, I now have my woman back."

- Williams I.

Some Interesting Facts About Bee Pollen

  • Promotes prostate health,essential support for healthy prostate...
  • Helps normal urinary and testicular function and normal urinary flow....
  •  Protects against free radical damage....
  •   It improves sperm vitality ...
  • It effectively restrains hyperplasia of prostate by strongly lowering the diatomic testosterone ...
  • Complete prostate support. It remarkably delays the decrepitude of man and restores sexual ability ...
  • And Many More ...

This powerful product gives your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out! Together these two legendary herbs pack a powerful punch to help you get through the day

Get natural booster while dancing kerewa on bed.  Say bye bye to unsatisfying sex.

Is This Approved And Legal To Use?

Absolutely, Aside from the fact that this is approved by NAFDAC itself, It has also been approved by various agencies round the world including the Kosherl Seal which is the highest form of approval in the world that any product can have.

Now Do you want A Result Like Mine too?

Then Do the Combo style and be a real man

To Satisfy a woman, you have to last long enough to make her cum and yourrod must be sizable. See what women say concerning penis size.

Then combine Bee Pollen with Arctic Sea 

Arctic Sea

This wonderful supplements help to naturally improve the flow of blood into the Penis which makes the Penis grow larger in size i.e length and width


Arctic Sea with NAFDAC REG NO. A7-0124L has been known as a natural solution for penis enlargement and weak erection solution,  making you stay hard and erect all through the sex period




with no side effect.


This Supplement is all natural 

Arctic Sea is a potent combination of herbs that our ancestors used to increase power, energy, and circulation.  Its two main ingredients are omega 3 and Calamari oils, originally from Korea and Manchuria, and Golden Chia, originally from California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

This powerful combination of herbs gives your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out! Together these two legendary herbs pack a powerful punch to help you put your manhood to life.


Do you Know Adequate Blood supply into the penis is what the penis needs to grow easily and stay erect duing intercourse. 


 Arctic Sea contains large amounts of olive oil (omega-9 fatty acid) to stabilize omega-3 fatty acid vitamin E to ensure the fatty acid will not be oxidized. Vitamin E important  component of Arctic Sea  because it helps in better absorption of this supplement.; an antioxidant bioflavonoid that helps strengthen blood vessels, assists with circulatory problems, Will supply adequate blood needed by the  Penis into the penis, and within 30 days you will be amazed seeing your penis increase in length and width 


Arctic Sea Aids Postrate, increase stamina and energy, also giving the penis enough supply of blood to remain full at attention.


After my doctor friend recommend this two power packed products, I always stay erect until i am satisfied and she is satisfied I am now able to fuck for 3 rounds and my dick gets erect back in less than 2 minutes after each 25 mins+  sex per round.

Arctic Sea And Bee Pollen are  Approved by  our own  NAFDAC, HALAL an Islamic  endorsement Agency and KOSHER SEAL which is the highest level of endorsement in the world by jews to show that a certain product is 100% organic and natural (jews dont even eat breads with yeast)

I even teased my uncle to send me the picture of his full grown penis 

See What Other people Saying

Even Doctors recommend this solution 

It’s Also The “Secret Weapon” Of One Of The World’s Most Legendary Adult Film Stars—Whose Paycheck Depends On Him Getting It Up On Command.

Those porn stars are not robots they have only become acquinted with Bee Pollen and Arctic Sea.…

Which has also been proven to work for thousands of everyday men around the world, between the ages of 22 and 88.

The reason for this is simple...

Bee Pollen and Arctic Sea solves the problem at a core level.

It is not a temporary fix or a “band aid…”

Once your ED problems are dealt with, they’ll be permanently eradicated for good.

No ifs, buts or maybes.

Soon, you’ll be finally be free from the embarrassment, the shame, the frustration...the nagging sense that you’re not “man enough…”

Soon you’ll be able to stand proud, tall and confident, knowing nothing can keep your erection down.

Soon you’ll be able to show her who’s boss, and give her the intense, mind-blowing sex she’s been craving with you all along…

Gone will be the days of “excuses” as to why you “aren’t feeling it tonight.”

Gone will be the days of uncertainty, about whether or not your wife is truly happy with you (and ONLY you).

You’ll have peace of mind, knowing you’re the one man on this earth who can rock her world and fulfill her every carnal desire. 

Wouldn’t that be an amazing feeling?

Instead of the embarrassment and frustration you’re suffering from right now? Because you know you deserve better than this…

And so does she.

So let me ask you…

What’s Going To Happen If You Don’t Take Action To Treat Premature Ejaculation?

How many more excuses can you come up with to try to “cover up” the problem?


How much more disappointment do you want your wife to endure because of your inability to rise to the task?

How much more time and money do you want to waste on treating symptoms of premature ejaculation, when you could cure the core problem and enlarge your penis once and for all?

Deep down inside, whether you want to admit it or not, you worry that the woman you love might have to go looking for satisfaction somewhere else…with some ONE else.

And if she does, can you really blame her?

When you know you can’t fulfill your primary duty as her husband?

Let’s face it, not satisfying a woman in bed isn’t a small problem you can ignore, and just hope it “goes away.”

It eats away the intimacy you once had with your wife.

It eats away at your confidence. Your manhood.

And if left untreated, it could very well cost you your marriage, your family, and everything you hold dear.

That’s why when you look at the costs involved in leaving your sex inability problem untreated, it can be completely devastating…physically, emotionally and financially.

Those Who Ignored Their Premature Ejaculation, Had This to deal with

Now You can Change that Embarrassing moment today

The 2 in  1 solution

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Bee Pollen

Arctic Sea

One on One Couselling

Sex Bible







Intelligent men will pay more to get their hands on this package,

The regular price for this solution is N42,000 but I won't charge you that.

Enjoy Our Discount Bonus For Today ONLY!!!

Get the 2 in 1 solution for #24,000  NOW!!!

 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and I will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

How to order

To Place An Order , Send Us A Text Using The Code

''2 in 1'' Solution Followed By The Following:




Send As A Text Message To 08037318928

Please make your address traceable , adding local government and nearest bus stop

E.g 12, akinwole street, unity road, maryland lagos state.

Head Office Contact 

Forever Health Solutions

No 3 Akinwole Street, Ijegun
Lagos State

Marketing Department 08037318928


If you Prefer to Cash Pay on Delivery

N.B   Be very sure of the following before you send us a text.

  • Please Be sure your cash ready is before placing your order 
  • And Also Be sure you will be available to recieve the package or you will have someone to recieve on your behalf.

We are offering a free delivery service and we cant afford to have a fail delivery.

Delivery Process

Once We receive your Text Message, Our Agent Will reply you with a Text message to confirm receipt of your order. The product will be delivered to you Within 3-7 Working days after our agent has confirmed your order.

PS: We understand the importance of PRIVACY. We shall package this product very well and no-one else but you will understand what this package is all about.

Call Time Strictly 9am-5pm
SMS 24hours.


Potent Erection

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