Masturbation is not bad – it has its Profits

Masturbation sex is something shameful that we should not talk about.

Masturbation can help prevent prostate cancer, but …

Considerations for those who frequently masturbate

To talk about peace often masturbate still a taboo.Those who do not regularly have sex with a partner, is to speak on prescription forced to lay hands on himself. Regular renewal of the male seed can – with the emphasis on “may” – prevent prostate cancer. However, there are some things that need to be taken into account.

1. Masturbation is the most natural thing in the world

Someone who is guilty of the sin of Onan (such as masturbation is described in the Bible) has no reason to feel “abnormal”. Each man masturbates in one way or another, whether or not helped by devices. Fantasy plays a large role.

2. Masturbation is safe, or not at all

Who masturbates, need not worry that he picks up a venereal disease. Too excited (read: often) Masturbation can lead to an irritation of the skin. Also, problems with urination can – albeit less frequently – emerge. In the worst case, it may operational intervention may be necessary.

3. Masturbation can improve your sex life – or worse

Masturbation can actually improve your sex life, for example by encouraging the lust in the absence of tmasturbation-goodhe partner. Moreover, it increases regularly masturbate knowledge about your sexual organ. In consultation with your partner, this can lead to better sex. Some men get so obsessed with masturbation that ordinary sex is no longer in the house.

4. Masturbation can lead to delayed ejaculation

The benefit of masturbation is that with anyone else into account. That advantage, however, a drawback when two sexual partners does not become more attuned. As a result of a delayed ejaculation seed deposit or for it to meet the example particularly difficult to together ready.

5. The relationship between masturbation and prostate cancer is not clear

At that level, the science does not speak a clear language. From an Australian study published in BJU International 2003 presented a clear link between ejaculate regularly and a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

The best sex toy in the market for masturbation is the Lovense Max

How often do you masturbate? why do you masturbate? I want to know you so I can help you.

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