Our First Experience with Promescent


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So it was getting near Valentine’s Day and I was in a nosex rut because, there is not going to be that moment for me when climax from all the fun from lovemaking. I sat idling away wishing for the day to come to an abrupt end. I mean if a man can’t please his wife on Valentine’s, then things are not going well.promicesent-review

I was scuring through the internet (not problems to share with physical friends), when I found this video on romance and sex, and the sex expert talked so highly of this product called Promescent. It seemed like a good way to extend sex time and reduce premature ejaculation.

What is Promescent ?

I was curious about the magic product, so I looked futher. Promescent is a topical numbing spray with FDA approved and endorsed by physicians. It’s a desensitizing spray you can spray on your penis and then rub it in.

Is Not A Gel but that was a mistake as it’s a SPRAY.

Promescent as I found had reviews mostly positive, so I ordered a bottle for our valentine.  I was at this time looking forward to a memorable Valentine’s day with Joe.

Did the Promescent work?

Over the years we were battling with ED and unfulfiling sex time, Joe has become some what tense when it comes to
lovemaking. I have placed order online for the topical cream,  I was eager to convince Joe to try it out.  I never discussed my plan with him just that he accepts to use it.

When the package arrived, I talked to Joe about trying out the Promescent and he was very excited.

How We Used It

Promescent offers a metered dose. From my search, I found that men will use a spray and there is no way to know how much was sprayed on the penis. When metered, the same amount of spray is allowed to exit the spray bottle at one time, ensuring that the proper dosage is administered every time.

Though no prescription was needed. I figured Joe should use 2 sprays instead of the recommended 3-5, There was a huge complain on insensitivity around the Penis by people who used too much of it.

Just on the side if you are going to be receiving oral, wipe out the penis with a wipes to prevent your partner’s mouth from feeling funny.

With Promescent you are able to drive, and drive, and drive Proving your Virality.

The dosage I and Joe used was right and perfect for us, but it may not be the case with you.  I advice you up the doseage if the 2 spray isn’t right for you. The result is alluring,  You become incharge of the game. Don’t worry if you don’t feel in charge of your ejaculations just yet, just ensure you get more sex and practice this sex tips.


Back to our promescent moment, Joe steped out of the bath, I was at the door dressed in a Sexy Women Lace Halter Babydoll Lingerie Sleepwear. With the Spray on another hand. I bought the lingerie along side my topical spray at Amazon. 

I was really expectant, I wanted to experience my first orgasm from penetration.  Fastforward to the sack time, Joe kept riding and bouncing until I climaxed, it was and is memorable. It seemed like we had sex all night but he was on for about 5 mins. And we had sex every other night.

Presently, when I walk I walk tall because I am relaxed and confident.  We always have a spray present and our moments are pleasurable and sex is as it is designed sweet for me.

I am not super sure Promescent is right for everyone, but it definitely delivers on its promise. I think and say is the chose way control ejaculation and last longer in the bed.

If you want to buy Promescent then click on the link below, it will take you straight to Amazon website where I bought mine. www.amazon.com

Promescent comes in 2 different sizes, trial bottle and a full size standard bottle. First time I ordered I went for the normal size bottle and I’m glad I did. But if you want to try the stuff first then order that small bottle, trial size

Have you used Promscent before? Please share your experince with us. I will really appreciate it.

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I love you!!!

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