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Penis enlargement exercises.

One of the basics of penis enlargement is to promote blood circulation in the blood vessels of the penis. When you’re excited and blood flow through these vessels will result in an erection. The theory of penis enlargement exercises is to stretch the blood vessels so that they can contain a larger volume of blood than they could normally contain. Through these exercises correctly addressing you get a bigger penis when erect and flaccid.

Milk Exercise

This basic technique is fairly simple to carry out. To do this, you have to carry a milking motion along the length of the blood vessels in the penis. To do this you need to use the thumb and forefinger to make a kind of ring, and in order to make the base of the penis. Practice an average pressure in this exercise. This prevents the blood from escaping the penis. Make sure you keep the pressure of blood in the penis and slowly move your thumb and index finger upwards.

As a result, the blood will be pressed upwards. When approaching your thumb and forefinger the end of thexercise-for-potent-erectione penis let your fingers apart and start again anew. Then you can repeat the exercise. Make sure each movement takes about 2 to 3 seconds. It is also convenient to use lubricant during this exercise, will glide your thumb and forefinger easily on the penis.

Exercises to enlarge the penis are usually performed when the penis is flaccid. The basic technique is to take hold of the penis around the glands gently and to make a movement upwards. The idea of ​​this movement is to stretch the penis to give no feeling of pain, but to stretch until the maximum comfortable limit. An example of this exercise is to adhere to the stretch, for example, 15 seconds, and then let go. The intention is to repeat this exercise about 15 times.


Hanging weight

The use of weights and stretchers to enlarge the penis is based on the principle of gravity and the effect that gravity has on changes in the body. By using this technique, the cells will be divided into the penis and multiplied resulting in an increase in volume of the penis.

Exhibition Technology

Also, a way to get a larger erection is to delay ejaculation. To use this method you should be able to delay your ejaculation (orgasm). This means that if you want to use the exhibition technique, you must first be able to delay your ejaculation 3 to 5 times during sexual activity. If it is impossible for you to prevent premature ejaculation I advise you to use Promescent Delay Spray to use. This will make you sexually a lot better in life and you are also able to use the exhibition technique.

When you have an erect penis, you have to massage all the sides of your penis, your scrotum until you jerk. This allows the blood flow to your penis to be up. By delaying ejaculation is stimulated, the production of testosterone. You should always have your ejaculation delay 3 to 5 times. Then you can let it go.

If you apply this technique often it will stimulate the growth of the spongy tissue in the penis. When you use it often enough, you will begin to see remarkable results. 2 to 5 centimeters profits are normal results.

Tips for a healthier penis

  • Take more sleep. An hour a day to sleep already gives a huge boost to your energy for work, entertainment and sex. This also benvloedt your opportunity to be better in bed.
  • Eat healthy. A diet rich in vitamins and fiber and low in fat contains will do wonders for your sex life. Your penis will therefore also work better.
  • Work out. Exercise stimulates the circulation, resulting in better heart, causing even more blood to the penis.


There is no need to be ashamed of your small penis because there are now products on the market that actually measure your penis up to standard. I have even seen people who have extended their penis by 1 to 7 centimeters with these products.

Side effects are also a harder and longer erection and an increase in the sperm production, which has lead to a huge ejaculation! Through the Libido 7 treatment in combination with Penis enlargement supplements, the techniques will increase your penis so within two months that the results are actually measurable. An increase of 2 to 3 cm in these two months is a normal result.
A combination of a penis enlargement cream is the perfect combination. These are fortunately quite cheap, but I have so far received many positive responses from people, so it’s really worth the money. It’s your choice whether you are for the money, I can only recommend to try the real time. It will remove the uncertainty out of your sex life and that is something I think a lot of it.

How have you been able to increase your penis size? what has worked for you?

Please share on the comment box don’t be a stranger.

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