When it comes to exercises for hard erections, cardio is one of the best.  It will improve circulation throughout your body, which improves circulation to your genitals as well.  Run, play basketball, box… whatever you want to do.

Move your body, and your erections will thank you.stronger-erection-exercise

Stay still too long, and your erections will be lazy.

Lastly, there are manual techniques you can perform on the shaft that will force/improve the blood flow throughout the genitals directly.  Besides the amazing benefit of giving you a larger penis (both when erect and flaccid), these exercises will give you physically harder erections.

Kegels and PC squeezes are useful exercises for hard erections, but too many men perform them incorrectly.  In order to achieve harder erections through kegeling, you need to learn to concentrate solely on the pc muscle during the squeeze.  Make sure neighboring muscles are not helping (such as abs and glutes), and make sure you are squeezing down hard enough. When you do, and really strengthen the PC, you’ll see the base of your penis thicker for a few minutes after the session.  If it doesn’t look thicker, you are not kegeling right.

For more advanced exercises for hard erections Click here.

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