Three Exercise you Should Do Everyday


In this post, I am going to be looking at three exercises you must do everyday to have a perfect body. These three moves will help you look better and feel better.

This is for both men and women though even if I use Men.


OK, sit in a chair and pretend you’re doing a marathon sex with your partner, —picture the sweats, imagine going on and on thrusting, feel your pleasure as you both climax, see the smile on her face, feel the pride in your bones, see all the kisses and cares…Why? Because just imagining you’re doing great in bed is better than self pity. sex-improvement-exercise
Researchers analyzed data from a study of patients who had trouble in their sex life, in which half of them imagined having a rock hard erection, and great sex irrespective of the doctors’ report and the other half didn’t. When their spouse were interviewed, those who’d imagined have a great sex had twice as much strength in the bed and their ED was not found again. but those with self pity anger attitude their ED worsened and their spouse i not cheating is threatening to leave.

Yes, the imagining of motion, which occurs in the same part of the brain where the impulse to move originates, does have physical benefits. And, while it’s not a substitute for medications  (as if!), imaginary exercise has been shown to improve the performance of those who do highly physical jobs, like surgeons, athletes, and musicians.

The Pelvic Floor Exercise to Improve ejaculation Time

Strengthening the core sex muscles (Pelvic muscles) increases your penis size as well as the strength of your penis. This can lead to more ease in gaining erections. As a female, you will tone, tighten and increase your orgasm power.

The muscles of the pelvic floor are essential to healthy sexual function. “In women and men, the pelvic floor is an active sexual organ.” . Its role in sexual dysfunction, however, is often underestimated or overlooked. Maintaining good muscle tone and the ability to fully contract and relax these muscles improves sexual functioning and and enhances the perception of pleasure.

The pelvic exercise increases the muscle mass behind and around the penis which then adds to the size of the penis.

Your PC muscle (pelvic floor muscle) can be easily identified by flexing your penis or vagina. Flexing is what you do to stop the flow of urine midstream, or to hold urine in when you need to pee.


To do this exercise Contract (flex) your pelvic floor muscles internally, keep contracted for the count of five. Then relax those muscles. This is one cycle. Contract, keep the muscles contracted for the count of five, then relax those muscles.

This exercise though seems simple goes a long way in ED treatment.

3. Sit-up to Lose the Belly Fat

Having sex uses a lot of muscles you don’t normally use during the course of the day. “The last thing you want to worry about during the act is getting tired or losing stamina

This one exercise will strengthen your abs, lower back, shoulders, chest, arms, legs and buttocks… So you can last longer. Push-ups targets the core muscles (abdominals) and supporting muscles. It turns your abdomen into a “hinge” so you can thrust continously without noticing any fatigue.
exercise-for-better-sexWhile doing the Push-Up.  Don’t lower yourself all the way down, just go halfway down.

Going Halfway down is easier to achieve and you can do faster cycles. While at this is good you focus on the task ahead. (bed pleasure).

The Push up exercise will increase your strength, fitness and stamina.

Start up in the morning with 10 or 20 push ups,  or as many as you feel comfortable with. Then determine to improve on it.

These three exercises to improves your DAILY abilities. They are all aimed at redeveloping your groups of muscles directly involved in the DAY TO DAY act. Increasing the health of your sex muscles can naturally increase blood flow and can lead to improving your sexual performance.

It’s important to note that exercise is only ONE small contributing factor to the complete puzzle for overcoming ED, PE and other sex problems. This will enhance rather than eliminate the ED. I advise you also seek medical help.

What works for you? are you doing any of these exercises yet? how has your sex life improved?

As always your opinion and pleasure does matter to me. share with me in the comment box.

Remember to share with friends. Let every home have good sex.

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I write about Men's health, Relationships etc. Love is the greatest thing in all the world. Sex an expression of love and exposure to the inner realm of the human spirit. honorable in marriages and destructive when done outside wedlock. A big reason I want to write about Men's health is because we have gone through a rough time as couples. We couldn't find any advice online and friends and counselors kept the talk out of the prep.

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