Would You Wear a Wedding Dress Made of… Toilet Paper?

cheap weding dress

Your wedding day is your time to shine and most brides will agree that their wedding dresses are themost important things on their wedding planning lists. Some brides opt for more traditional styles, some go for what’s topping the latest trendy lists, and others find their perfect gown somewhere in the middle.

Spending your life savings on your big day is crazy. You can have elegant, beautiful weddings without breaking the bank!

Planning cheap weddings doesn’t mean giving up style or sentimentality. It means using your imagination, using your own hands or the help of friends and family.


Well, the Charmin and Cheap Chic Weddings annual ‘toilet paper wedding dress’ competition proved that today’s bride shouldn’t rule any idea out.

The $10,000 prize went to Van Tran, a young designer from Brooklyn, NY (worn here on a gorgeous model).

Be honest– you would never believe that dress was made completely of toilet paper and glue. It’s stunning, intricate in detail, and carries a traditional flair while maintaining a unique one-of-a-kind appeal.



I really liked the top three and while I admit the “fan favorite” caught a side-eye from me, I think they competition is cute, fun, and creative and that’s what wedding planning should feel like for all involved in the process.

For more about the competition, check out the #TPDress hashtags on Twitter and Facebook.


Well I hope it does’nt rain while you wear the dress.

Would you wear a wedding dress made of a non-traditional material like toilet paper?

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