Yoga Sex Positions For a Perfect Body


Yoga is acceptably the only mind exercise that takes hold of the inner man. Almost all yoga positions have inspired sex positions for couples who wants to try out different satisfying positions. and this includes the one Cat/Cow pose.

Cat-Cow is a gentle flow between two poses that warms the body and brings flexibility to the spine. It stretches the back torso and neck, and softly stimulates and strengthens the abdominal organs. Sometimes I often wonder if the yogic masters had a desire to create alluring sex positions rather than an exercice routine.

You are definitely going to see a position or two to spice up your bedroom story. (hahaha) Let’s go there.


When we can push back into down doggy position, then you can push all that down to be taken from the back.

Steps to Take The Downward Doggy Position

  • Start in push-up position to place your hands and feet.
  • Then bend your ass up into the air, making a straight line from your wrists, through your head and back, up to your butt.
  • Get crazy by spreading your legs farther apart to let him in even deeper.
  • You can also bend your legs for height adjustment.

What Makes it Different?

  • The Doggy  Downward Sex Position is Worth it, it gives an insanely … deep … penetration.
  • When practised regularly, this sequence helps to develop postural awareness and balance throughout the body.
  • It brings the spine into correct alignment and can help prevent back pain.
  • Been able to carry out this position during sex time will relieve the both parties of stress and calms the mind.


The Doggy Downward style is perfect, if you are in good shape, having Strong arms and upper back. Stamina is also important here. To overcome this take this Yoga Training Classes with the Best Tutor Online.



Me and Joe use this style all the time because is pretty easy to achieve and gives a good view of my bod. It requires a little more flexibility and strength, but if you’re up for it, it will totally pay off. Your partner will have an unobscured view of your whole front side, and will still be able to see your O-face, too.

Steps To Achieve This Position

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent up and your feet a foot or two apart.
  • Then raise your hips up towards the ceiling
  • Your hands can be flat by sides, or for a deeper stretch, squeeze shoulder blades together and interlace hands, keeping them on mat directly under back
  • Hold for 60 seconds, breathing into the posture
  • Have him kneel between your legs and ride to pleasure land.

Benefits of the Moan position

The position gives the hip an angle of elevation, that makes your lovers penis stroke the super-sensitive top of your vagina.  Your back will be arched, making your stomach look flatter and your boobs perkier.

Bonus move: Open and shut your legs to feel yourself tighten around him. Add some well-timed Kegel squeezes and you’ll both be ready to explode.

Drawbacks of  bridge of moans position

The bridge of moans position is perfect for all couples, but this requires flexibility. A strong lower back, butt, and hamstrings.




If you have the flexibility to bend over, put nose to knee, and lift your other leg at a 180-degree angle, Your partner can help support your outstretched leg. we salute you. If we had that skill, we’d definitely use it to have the craziest sex ever. Until then, it’s a big motivator to sign up for class.

Benefits of the standing split sex position

  • It stretches the whole back side of the body, particularly the hamstrings and calves.
  • It strengthens the thighs, knees, and ankles, and also stretches the groin muscles.
  • Supporting your body’s weight on one leg, while upside-down, will greatly challenge and improve your balance.

Sitting Sex Positionyoga-pose-for-prregnant-women


This position, I fondly call the Shawarma Wrap, Because you and your partner is wrapped around each other like
a spider monkey.

There’s nothing more sexier than this is incredibly sexy and intimate. You can feel each others heart beat and that of the child (when pregnancy is present). I recommend this position for newly weds, who has plans to bond perfectly. Also for couples who live in seperate cities, whenever the meet this should be the opening Sex style.

The passion filled kises and powerful eye connections will make you more endearing to each other. I fondly call it the “bear hug Nude”  with 100 percent more orgasm.

This position works perfectly for women that are pregnant. It also strengthens bond between Dad and baby on the way.

As always I am glad you are reading my blog. My major aim is to see marriages strengthened and Erection disorder kicked in the butt.

Have this article been helpful to you? Has it changed or improved your sex relationship with your hobby (wifey)? Please share in the comment box how you achieved these positions. Or send me a direct message here. I will be sincerely glad to read your testimonies.

To make effect use of these positions, Take one style, perfect it then try another one.

To your Pleasure Queen. Always use the share buttons whenever you come around here.

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I write about Men's health, Relationships etc. Love is the greatest thing in all the world. Sex an expression of love and exposure to the inner realm of the human spirit. honorable in marriages and destructive when done outside wedlock. A big reason I want to write about Men's health is because we have gone through a rough time as couples. We couldn't find any advice online and friends and counselors kept the talk out of the prep.

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